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The Solaris Plus 42 3F, by ETS

A 4,400 watt bed featuring a combination of Wolff SPEED 225R and SPEED 205 system lamps.  This provides you with both an immediate and delayed tanning result.

Maximum tan time: 20 mins.

The SunDome XL48

A vertical tanning booth is shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity.  You are evenly showered with a bronzing, all-over tanning power.  The unique design of the SunDome creates a chimney-like effect to create a cool, comfortable tanning environment.

Maximum tan Time: 10 mins.

The Odyssey

This 6,000 watt VHR Odyssey features a triple face tanner and offers twice the efficiency of comparable units.

$3 Up-charge

Maximum tan Time: 20 mins.

The Blue Dream

This 7,600 watt, wrap-around design, ensures 360 degree of tanning coverage.  This bed has specially designed filtered glass that keeps harsh UV rays out and provides gentle bronzing of delicate facial skin.

$5 Up-charge

Maximum tan Time: 10 mins.

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